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100% Duplicatable System

Refer, Earn, Profit… REPEAT!

Premium Coaching:
We take you from Beginner to Guru

Our in-depth training courses cover Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Email Marketing, High Ticket Sales
[All courses conducted by Experts]

FREE Training BONUS:
FREE 7-Day Marketing Training
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   guaranteed commissions... HOW?

Why Use Bitcoin For Payouts?
Very Simple… Bitcoin enables us to pay all commissions instantly to members from $30 > $15,000 unlimited times per day.

We also accept Paypal and Credit Card incoming payments.

All commissions are Peer 2 Peer [Direct Member to Member Payments] so it is IMPOSSIBLE not to get paid.

The great thing about our system is that it is 100% scam proof meaning it is impossible to cheat and it is IMPOSSIBLE for others to accuse [LIE] against us without providing all blockchain transaction documentation.

We also accept Paypal and Credit Card incoming payments.

We have truly built a 100% trusted transparent system.

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We have a Perfect 100% Track Record as a bonafide trusted company. All payments are instant & transparent on the Blockchain and all openly verifiable. 0% SCAM… 100% PROFITS!

Want to be paid via Paypal or Bank Wire? No problem.

Payouts by these methods are not instant. Processing times of the transfer plus all Bank, Transfer & Paypal Fees we have no control over.

How It Works:

Bitcoin Wallet > TAS Bank > TAS Paypal > Member Paypal

Bank Wire:
Bitcoin Wallet > TAS Bank > Member Bank

If you don’t want to pay all the fees or wait 10-15 Working Days for payment please use Bitcoin.

All package pricing is based on the US Dollar against the price of Bitcoin.

This means whether Bitcoin goes up or down it makes no difference as all commissions are performed at the live US Dollar / Bitcoin rates, this makes TAS 100% Future Proof.


   So... WHAT IS TAS?

1: We are the Leaders in PAYING HIGH TICKET INSTANT COMMISSIONS while providing Premium Digital Marketing Coaching from Novice to Mentorship level.

2: We offer a Suite of Marketing Automation Tools for all niches with a 6-Figure+ Residual Income potential.

3: Affordable Wealth Education Over-The-Shoulder Video Training to Help You START & GROW Your very own successful ONLINE BUSINESS.

✅ A Ready Made Business-In-A-Box
✅ Free Website
✅ Automated Done-For-You System
✅ Copy/Paste Sales Text [Swipes]
✅ Digital Marketing Education
✅ Premium Marketing Tools
✅ High Ticket Instant Commissions
✅ Residual Instant Commissions
✅ High Ticket Instant Bonuses
✅ 75% Instant Commissions
⚙ Powerful Duplication Tools
📱 100% Mobile Compliant

Our system sells on your behalf 24/7 365
 100% Automated Sales Machine! 


Products & Features:
☑ Training from 8-Figure Earners
☑ 75% Commission
☑ 70+ Automated Email Follow-ups
☑ 65+ Business Training Videos
☑ 16 Week Training Course
☑ Solo Ads Training
☑ High Converting Swipes
☑ High Converting Website
☑ Multiple Optin/Capture Pages
☑ Sales Pages
☑ Marketing Training Modules
☑ Sales Funnels
☑ High Ticket Webinars
☑ Free Traffic Sources
☑ Premium Traffic Sources
☑ Link & Campaign Tracking
☑ Free Sales Copy
☑ Free Private Facebook Group
☑ Free Banner Ads
☑ Free Promo Material


Get Educated & Earn… 
6-Figure Residual Profits


Membership Options:

Payouts are by Bitcoin, Paypal or Wire

The only High Ticket Program instant commission program which offers membership levels for everyone to get involved, starting from ONLY $50!

Choose your joining level, we have a level for every Budget then start getting paid  75% Instant Commissions! 

All Bonuses are also Paid Instantly.

Not only direct commissions…. also get paid instant commissions when your referrals renew their Monthly or Annual subscriptions.

Since all members signup & upgrade at different times, you will start to see the Monthly/Annual Subscriptions getting paid to you daily as you build your teams.

The monthly commission renewal cycle commences from the day your referral upgrades/renews!


Damian M.

Frank C.


This company and support system has changed my life. I've tried a couple of things in the past but nothing really worked until I got involved with TAS and this team. My commissions are fully automated and all I need to do is send traffic to my links and the system takes care of all my conversions then pays me instantly.

Pamela G.


Killeen, TX


"I'm not a techie but needed a way to help automate my messages to my downline so my leads turn into sales. The platform runs 100% on Automation. I can go to my backoffice and see all my leads to follow up with them also, then I can inform my entire list of new products, events, webinars or anything else. I love that!"

Martin K.


Chicago, IL


"This is the best marketing system I've used. It's got all of the features I need to run my business in one spot. I highly recommend this system to all entrepreneurs serious about scaling their business and wanting to earn a real income."

Tracey W.


San Diego, CA


"Really love how the marketing system is fully automated and hands-free. The training videos in backoffice help my business grow and leaves me time to build my team."

Thomas J.


Phoenix, AZ


I couldn't be more satisfied with my results from this system. Since joining I have been seeing amazing results, this "Set it & Forget it" system is AWESOME and the social media plus solo ad training is superb! Thank you TAS!

Kevin B.


Miami, FL

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